Shooting project of short film

Sound equipment – Shooting – Light – Flycam – Dolly – Gru Team script-writing – Film making
Broadcasting in all supports

Short film

For professionals or passionate amateurs, shooting project of sport, private, publicity short films, associations short films, video clips…
Everything is possible with your imagination and our advices
Team script-writing, shooting, broadcasting in all supports. All sound, light, flycam, dolly, gru equipment.

Animation short film

You desire to make your own short film or participate in short film shooting?
You have a chance to make your film behind or in front of the camera with our original animation “Make your film”!
This animation propose you real shooting practice.
Every technic or artistic position is supported by employees, which are supervised by our responsible professionals.
Example: a cameraman (participant) uses professional camera himself!
Use of cinema equipment is proposed for our corporate animation, every participant will play “the role” in film making.
Many scenarios will be proposed to you, but if you desire to write your own scenario we will help you with a storyboard and a shot list for your video.
The role of our team is to train you and to assist you with handling of equipment (camera, light, sound equipment, acting) and…let you make your film.
This animation is available for a team of 10-15 persons; there is no age or competences restriction, as the cinema team is diversified in terms of ability and character.
The number of participants should not be more than 15 persons per team, it makes possible to give an important role to everyone. Become whether an “actor”, whether a “film maker”, whether a “cameraman”, whether a “recordist”, whether a “make up artist”, whether a “film- set photographer”.
If there are more than 15 participants, we create and supervise several groups, which work on different scenarios. In this case we can organize a competition of the best film while broadcasting on a giant screen.
“Make your film” animation is usually planned for 1 day.
The film will be sent you on DVD in Internet format in order to make it available on sharing web site.
This concept is a new original and amusing animation demanding work in team and cohesion for making a real film. Clip-fashion session to offer to somebody or to yourself!
Fashion video clip session in a studio or outside+ delivery of HD film on DVD+ rush menu Unforgettable present or useful accessory for your future castings!
Professional make up or hairstyling services are possible.